3 Affordable Sites to Use to Hold a Sweet-Sixteen Birthday Party

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As a parent, you most likely want your child to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, many parents make poor financial decisions in an attempt to keep their child happy. Considering the cost of a sweet-sixteen birthday party for a teenage girl can range between $3,000 to $25,000, finding ways to save money on this party is imperative. Booking a venue that is large enough for numerous guests can take a large portion of your budget, so it is important to locate affordable spaces for your child’s birthday party. With this guide on affordable venue options, you can cut the cost of booking an elaborate space for your child’s 16th birthday party.

Local Beach or Lake

Consider a local beach or lake for your teen’s birthday party. Schedule the event during the evening or at night, since these areas will not be as crowded during those times. In most cases, your local county will allow you to have a small gathering of friends without any cost.

Since the beach and lake will provide ample entertainment, you do not need to clutter the area with disc jockeys or games. Rent or borrow one table that is sufficient for serving a few foods. Disposable plates and a tub of cold drinks are perfect options for your teen’s active guests.


Most churches allow their members to hold events in their reception halls. While you may need to pay a small fee that goes directly to your church, the cost is definitely less expensive than booking a large reception hall at a hotel or restaurant.

Make sure to determine how many people the church’s reception hall will safely allow for before sending out invitations to the party. To increase your savings even more, your church may already have tables and chairs that you can use for the party. Purchase some inexpensive decorations, a variety of snack foods and drinks, and have your teen create a list of songs to stream during the party.


You may not consider your backyard an entertaining space that would be appealing to teenagers, but using it will save the entire cost of renting a venue for your teen’s 16th birthday party.

For an evening event, hang solar or battery-powered paper lanterns from trees in your backyard. Wrap inexpensive strings of Christmas lights around tree trunks, deck posts, and fence panels. Borrow a few folding tables to scatter across the yard. Use these tables to serve party refreshments. Purchase an inexpensive fire pit to place in the backyard. Your teen and their guests can sit around the pit, listening to music and roasting marshmallows.

When planning your teen’s 16th birthday party, skip the luxury hotel and formal restaurant. These venues are not only expensive and too formal but also not fun establishments for teens. With one of these more affordable locations, your teen’s birthday party will be inexpensive, fun, and memorable.

If you would still like to book a venue, call around to a variety of different places, from Jump A Roos and local pizza places to beauty salons, to find out more about costs. 

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Consider Renting A Karaoke Machine For Your Teenager’s Birthday

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If you want to throw your teenager a birthday party that is fun and exciting, consider throwing a karaoke party for them. Singing karaoke can be a lot of fun, but there are some things you need to take into consideration before renting a karaoke machine. Use the guide that follows to learn what things to find out before renting a karaoke machine for your child’s birthday party.

Ask What Is Included in the Rental

When you rent a karaoke machine, the rental does not always include speakers or a sound system. It often includes only the machine. This means that you will need to hook the machine up to your own sound system. If this is the case, find out what quality of speakers the machine requires to ensure that you can create the proper sound at the party for your child and their friends. For more info, contact a business that offers karaoke rentals. 

Ask What Songs Are Loaded onto the Machine

Many karaoke machines already have a playlist loaded onto them. You need to be sure that the playlist includes songs that your child and their friends will know, but also that the songs are appropriate for the children to be singing. Even though most of the guests will be teenagers, you do not want to promote violence or cursing at the party.

Ask if The Machine Can Be Hooked up to a Television

When everyone is singing, it would be nice to be able to display the words to the songs on your television so that everyone can sing along with the people performing karaoke. Some karaoke machines can connect to televisions by simply connecting one end of a cord to the machine and other end of the cord to the television.

Ask How Long the Rental is For

Finally, you need to know how long you will be able to rent the machine. You want to be able to rent it a few hours before the party so that you have time to set it up before the guests arrive. Many companies allow you to rent it for a full day so that you have time to set it up and take it down.

When you rent the machine, be sure to pay for any optional insurance the company offers to you. No matter how careful you and the party guests are with the machine, something could go wrong and it could accidentally become damaged. The insurance is often very affordable and well worth the investment.

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Wedding Invitation Dos And Don’ts

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There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding and this includes picking out and sending wedding invitations. Since this is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life, you’ll want to take the time to do it right. A few dos and don’ts will help you complete this task and mark it off on your wedding planning checklist. 

Do Give Plenty of Notice

Schedules tend to fill up quickly in this fast-paced world, which is why it is so important to give your guests plenty of notice as to the date, time, and place of your wedding. Plan to send your invitations out at least two months ahead of time. Should something hold you up, you can always send out “Save the date” cards, which will let your guests know to reserve that date for your special day. Then follow up with your wedding invitation as soon as it is available. 

Don’t Forget Your Out-of-Town Guests

You’ll need to create an insert for any out-of-town guests that will be attending your wedding. This should include nearby hotel information and directions to your wedding venue. If you have a large group of traveling guests, you may even be able to negotiate a special room rate at the hotel. 

Do Stick With Your Color Scheme

Whether you’re picking out traditional invitations, or a style that is more contemporary, it is best to stick with the color scheme of your wedding. This helps tie everything all together. You can then focus on making the card unique by choosing a fancy font, or adding a ribbon around each invitation. 

Don’t Use Address Labels

Address labels are convenient when paying bills and mailing out yearly birthday well wishes. They are tacky when it comes to weddings. Instead, opt to address each invitation with love and care by writing out the full name of each guest and both the recipient’s address, as well as your own by hand. If you plan on inviting a large number of guests, you can recruit help. Ask a sibling or a few close friends if they could come over one evening and address invitations with you. Have some pizza and wine and make it a fun evening. 

Most couples opt to include a small RSVP card and a return envelope. If you go this route, make sure you include a postage stamp on the RSVP card. Following this tip and the others listed above will ensure you’re wedding planning continues to run smoothly.   

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Tips For Dressing Up Rental Chairs For An Outdoor Ceremony

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An outdoor wedding ceremony will likely require rental chairs if you are planning on having more than just a handful of guests. If you are worried that you’ll be stuck with utilitarian folding metal chairs, think again – rental chairs have come a long way and you have many options in both the chairs and the ways to dress them. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Shop around

Visit several party rental companies and ask to see their chair selection. With so many options available these days, it isn’t likely that a single company will stock them all. You can find everything from teak slatted chairs to wood-look vinyl. Even aluminum made to resemble wrought iron is available. You may even be able to rent benches if you would like to recreate the look of church hall pews in your outdoor wedding.

Tip #2: Ask about chair covers

Many chair rental companies now also offer fabric chair covers in a vast range of colors and designs. These covers allow you to opt for less expensive folding chairs since you can now dress them up to match your wedding décor. These covers simply slip over the back of the chair. There are also varieties that cover the seat and drape to the floor, completely hiding the plain chair beneath.

Tip #3: Use wide ribbon

Another way to dress up plain chairs or personalize fancier seats is with large bows. Opt for ribbon that is 6 inches wide. Cut a length for each chair, wrap it around the back, and then tie it in a big bow. You can use this treatment on all the chairs or simply use it to dress up the chairs that are along the aisles. If ribbon is out of your budget or if you can’t find ribbon in the desired color, then create the same effect by cutting wide strips of fabric.

Tip #4: Say it with flowers

Your wedding blossoms provide another method to dress up the rental chairs. You can rent or purchase cone bouquet holders that are made to loop over the back of the chair. You can then display your favorite blooms, real or artificial, inside. If the flower cones seem rather plain, try dressing them up by wrapping a lace doily around them and securing it with a pretty ribbon.

For more rental chair ideas, contact a party supplier in your area for help.

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Three Themed Parties That Are Easier to Pull Off Than You Think

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It is easier than you think to host a fun, themed party that others will remember for years to come. Planning can be quite simple when you use available resources such as rental companies, caterers, or party supply venues to bring your theme to life. Be sure to check with vendors and rental businesses early to ensure you have everything you need to make your vision a reality.

Three parties that are easy to pull together and that please a crowd are these:

A celebratory carnival.

Guests of all ages enjoy a carnival-themed bash, and it is so easy to pull this party together with the right venue. Weather permitting, the typical games, toys, and attractions of a carnival work best outdoors, but a large space such as a gymnasium or a warehouse may also work well. Talk with party vendors about the following:

  • renting games so that guests can win prizes to take home
  • a bounce house (always a big hit for kids of all ages)
  • food that suits the theme, such as corn dogs, cotton candy, and ice cream

A retro shindig.

Guests will enjoy pulling their retro clothes out of storage for your retro shindig. Consider going with a disco-themed party, and encourage those you invite to dress the part. A party rental company will have the décor that you need to turn your venue into a cool 70s-inspired dance party!

Talk with these vendors about renting these items:

  • a dance floor or stage for guests to show off their moves
  • a disco ball to cast a cool glow over your event
  • clever costumes such as fringed clothing, sparkling gowns, and big wigs

A Hollywood gala.

Another great party that will warm up the cold winter nights and get everyone out of the house is a Hollywood-inspired gala. Keep it slightly formal to maintain the theme of an elite awards ceremony, and talk with vendors about some of the following ideas to convey the theme of old Hollywood glamour:

  • a stage for a master of ceremonies to speak
  • a venue with high ceilings and some chic chandeliers and fixtures to bring an elegant mood to the space
  • sophisticated foods, appetizers, and cocktails; talk with the caterer about creating a signature drink for your awards-themed bash
  • plastic trophies that resemble an Oscar to give to guests to take home as a keepsake

Have some fun with your planned function and add a theme to get guests in a celebratory mood. Talk with party rental businesses, vendors, and caterers about these three popular themes and how to best bring this to your specific venue. Hosting a themed party is easier than you may think, and your guests will gush about your event later on. Get started by speaking with a representative from a company like A-Better Party Rentals.

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Things To Ask Before Renting A Private Dining Space

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Are you trying to find a great place where you and some co-workers or friends can have dinner without being surrounded by lots of other people? If you are, private dining rooms are the answer, but you have to do more than just make a reservation if you want to bring everyone to one of these exclusive places. There are a lot of questions you need to ask to ensure your dinner goes as planned.

Extra Costs

It’s kind of a given that there may be some extra costs, like a rental fee for the space. But you also need to know how tips for the servers will be handled and if there’s a difference between how they’re handled for small and large groups. Are there additional service charges that depend on the number of people who show up or how varied the menu is? Try to get an idea of what exactly you’d be paying for. If you can get a rough amount, too, that would be helpful.


Find out if there is a fixed menu. Some private dining rooms offer a set menu because that helps the kitchen handle a large volume of orders more efficiently. Other places let you choose the menu ahead of time so you aren’t blindsided by someone ordering the most expensive dish on the menu. This is also a time to ask about dietary requirements and how the kitchen would handle them, especially if the kitchen usually has a limited menu for the private parties.

Combination Spaces

Many private dining rooms are just that — the dining room, with all of the food-related business hidden in other parts of the restaurant. But some spaces have converted wine cellars, for example, into private dining spaces. This could present a problem if the restaurant allows servers to retrieve wine bottles for other customers during your dinner — there would be unnecessary activity that could make the room quite crowded. You need to know if the dining room does have any shared purpose.

Also see if the room encompasses a bar or the kitchen itself. Those can add quite a bit of noise, but they can also make the meal more interesting.

Floor Level and Lighting

Find out what floor the private dining space is on. Normally this isn’t an issue, but if the dining area is in a basement level, that could send the wrong impression if the space turns out to be very dark and cramped. Imagine you’ve arranged for a private room for you to impress a date — a dark, cramped basement isn’t the best place to be. Ensure the space is somewhere where you and anyone else attending will be comfortable.

Contact private dining rooms in your area to find out more about what they offer and what they require. The staff at these places are used to fielding many questions, so make a list and start calling now.

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