As a parent, you most likely want your child to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, many parents make poor financial decisions in an attempt to keep their child happy. Considering the cost of a sweet-sixteen birthday party for a teenage girl can range between $3,000 to $25,000, finding ways to save money on this party is imperative. Booking a venue that is large enough for numerous guests can take a large portion of your budget, so it is important to locate affordable spaces for your child's birthday party. With this guide on affordable venue options, you can cut the cost of booking an elaborate space for your child's 16th birthday party.

Local Beach or Lake

Consider a local beach or lake for your teen's birthday party. Schedule the event during the evening or at night, since these areas will not be as crowded during those times. In most cases, your local county will allow you to have a small gathering of friends without any cost.

Since the beach and lake will provide ample entertainment, you do not need to clutter the area with disc jockeys or games. Rent or borrow one table that is sufficient for serving a few foods. Disposable plates and a tub of cold drinks are perfect options for your teen's active guests.


Most churches allow their members to hold events in their reception halls. While you may need to pay a small fee that goes directly to your church, the cost is definitely less expensive than booking a large reception hall at a hotel or restaurant.

Make sure to determine how many people the church's reception hall will safely allow for before sending out invitations to the party. To increase your savings even more, your church may already have tables and chairs that you can use for the party. Purchase some inexpensive decorations, a variety of snack foods and drinks, and have your teen create a list of songs to stream during the party.


You may not consider your backyard an entertaining space that would be appealing to teenagers, but using it will save the entire cost of renting a venue for your teen's 16th birthday party.

For an evening event, hang solar or battery-powered paper lanterns from trees in your backyard. Wrap inexpensive strings of Christmas lights around tree trunks, deck posts, and fence panels. Borrow a few folding tables to scatter across the yard. Use these tables to serve party refreshments. Purchase an inexpensive fire pit to place in the backyard. Your teen and their guests can sit around the pit, listening to music and roasting marshmallows.

When planning your teen's 16th birthday party, skip the luxury hotel and formal restaurant. These venues are not only expensive and too formal but also not fun establishments for teens. With one of these more affordable locations, your teen's birthday party will be inexpensive, fun, and memorable.

If you would still like to book a venue, call around to a variety of different places, from Jump A Roos and local pizza places to beauty salons, to find out more about costs.