If you want to throw your teenager a birthday party that is fun and exciting, consider throwing a karaoke party for them. Singing karaoke can be a lot of fun, but there are some things you need to take into consideration before renting a karaoke machine. Use the guide that follows to learn what things to find out before renting a karaoke machine for your child's birthday party.

Ask What Is Included in the Rental

When you rent a karaoke machine, the rental does not always include speakers or a sound system. It often includes only the machine. This means that you will need to hook the machine up to your own sound system. If this is the case, find out what quality of speakers the machine requires to ensure that you can create the proper sound at the party for your child and their friends. For more info, contact a business that offers karaoke rentals. 

Ask What Songs Are Loaded onto the Machine

Many karaoke machines already have a playlist loaded onto them. You need to be sure that the playlist includes songs that your child and their friends will know, but also that the songs are appropriate for the children to be singing. Even though most of the guests will be teenagers, you do not want to promote violence or cursing at the party.

Ask if The Machine Can Be Hooked up to a Television

When everyone is singing, it would be nice to be able to display the words to the songs on your television so that everyone can sing along with the people performing karaoke. Some karaoke machines can connect to televisions by simply connecting one end of a cord to the machine and other end of the cord to the television.

Ask How Long the Rental is For

Finally, you need to know how long you will be able to rent the machine. You want to be able to rent it a few hours before the party so that you have time to set it up before the guests arrive. Many companies allow you to rent it for a full day so that you have time to set it up and take it down.

When you rent the machine, be sure to pay for any optional insurance the company offers to you. No matter how careful you and the party guests are with the machine, something could go wrong and it could accidentally become damaged. The insurance is often very affordable and well worth the investment.