An outdoor wedding ceremony will likely require rental chairs if you are planning on having more than just a handful of guests. If you are worried that you'll be stuck with utilitarian folding metal chairs, think again – rental chairs have come a long way and you have many options in both the chairs and the ways to dress them. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Shop around

Visit several party rental companies and ask to see their chair selection. With so many options available these days, it isn't likely that a single company will stock them all. You can find everything from teak slatted chairs to wood-look vinyl. Even aluminum made to resemble wrought iron is available. You may even be able to rent benches if you would like to recreate the look of church hall pews in your outdoor wedding.

Tip #2: Ask about chair covers

Many chair rental companies now also offer fabric chair covers in a vast range of colors and designs. These covers allow you to opt for less expensive folding chairs since you can now dress them up to match your wedding décor. These covers simply slip over the back of the chair. There are also varieties that cover the seat and drape to the floor, completely hiding the plain chair beneath.

Tip #3: Use wide ribbon

Another way to dress up plain chairs or personalize fancier seats is with large bows. Opt for ribbon that is 6 inches wide. Cut a length for each chair, wrap it around the back, and then tie it in a big bow. You can use this treatment on all the chairs or simply use it to dress up the chairs that are along the aisles. If ribbon is out of your budget or if you can't find ribbon in the desired color, then create the same effect by cutting wide strips of fabric.

Tip #4: Say it with flowers

Your wedding blossoms provide another method to dress up the rental chairs. You can rent or purchase cone bouquet holders that are made to loop over the back of the chair. You can then display your favorite blooms, real or artificial, inside. If the flower cones seem rather plain, try dressing them up by wrapping a lace doily around them and securing it with a pretty ribbon.

For more rental chair ideas, contact a party supplier in your area for help.