Planning a backyard, beach-themed birthday party for teenagers isn't always simple. After all, teens tend to be picky and get upset over the smallest things. However, it is possible to plan the party without losing your sanity. You need to keep the planning process as simple as possible and limit how much input your teen has in regard to the party details.

Give Your Teen Specific Tasks

It's important to give your teen specific tasks to complete so that he or she feels like part of the planning process. The idea is to keep your teen busy so that you can plan the rest of the party without a lot of interruptions. Your teen's tasks can include these:

  • Creating a guest list
  • Choosing a color scheme
  • Creating a music playlist
  • Delivering invitations
  • Following up with RSVPs
  • Helping with party setup and cleanup

Keep the Decorations Simple

While you'll use party decorations to create a beach-like atmosphere, your teen probably doesn't care about the decorations as much as the food, music, and the people attending the party. So make things easy on yourself by keeping the decorations simple:

  • Contact a local balloon-delivery service, like Dino's Party Center, to have party balloons delivered so you don't have to worry about inflating them yourself.
  • Rent an inflatable water slide with a pool at the bottom to simulate the water in the ocean.
  • Purchase tarps and sand so that you can create a sandy beach area in your yard that's easy to clean up.
  • Use tiki torches and strands of lights to keep the party area illuminated once the sun goes down.
  • Use props, such as beach balls, sand buckets, and shells, to go with the ocean theme.

Food and Drink Tips

Teenagers eat a lot, so you need to plan your food and drink display well. You can hire a caterer to help out if needed, or you can plan the menu yourself using these tips:

  • Cook hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.
  • Fill a buffet table with options that don't require a lot of effort, such as bowls of chips, veggies, and dip.
  • Place colorful buckets of ice throughout the party area and fill them with a variety of sodas and water bottles.
  • Turn a watermelon into a fruit bowl or serve fruit on skewers.
  • Serve side dishes that you'd see at a traditional barbecue, such as potato salad, macaroni salad, and mac-n-cheese.

These options are easy to make and cost effective, and you can make them in large batches.

When you're planning a backyard, beach-themed birthday for a teenager, you don't need to overdo it. Chances are, the teens are more interested in socializing than they are in the party details. So keep the party planning process simple by hiring outside vendors to lighten your workload, giving your teen specific tasks to accomplish, and serving food that gives you the most bang for your buck.